Monday, January 30, 2012

Best moisturizer for acne prone skin

Oily skin easy to acne prone skin needs special care face. Oily skin types tend to be shiny, large pores and open, especially in the region T (forehead, nose and chin) the production of excess oil causes the skin to look dirty, tired and uninteresting.

The good thing, oils protect and lubricate the skin, which means when you grow old, your skin will look younger than they should. So keep in mind, that there is actually a good thing from oily skin.

Best moisturizer for acne prone skin

Nevertheless, it is important to remove excess oil on the skin every day, in a way that will not make your skin dry. Many people think that oily skin does not need a moisturizer, oily skin/acne prone skin but also need a facial moisturizer, you can choose best moisturizer for acne prone skin. There are two basic rules to deal with oily skin/acne prone skin, namely:

1. Cleansing. Clean your face twice daily with a mild cleansing. Never go to bed without cleaning your face. This will cause your pores will be clogged and cause acne. Keeping your face clean is the best thing you can do for your skin. Remember! Washing your face more than twice a day will make your skin dry and will remove the oil on the skin, and the result, your skin will produce more oil than ever before.
2. Facial moisturizer. After cleaning the face, it is very important to use moisturizer. You sometimes feel your skin feels tight or tightened after clean face, right? This is because after cleansing the skin becomes dry, so you should use a moisturizer afterwards.

A good moisturizer for acne prone skin/oily skin is water-based and some are called gel moisturizer, because they are lighter than the usual face cream and contains more water, making it easier to absorb skin.

Also use a shine control products, where they were able to control the gloss on the face and tighten pores of your face. If you use foundation, you should look for water-based foundation. If you use a foundation for normal skin, you will not see a difference on your skin, because the foundation for normal skin contain oil and they will only make your face look more oily and shiny. Therefore, using also the foundation for oily skin/acne prone skin, lightweight, oil-free and control the shine on the face.